Dr Linea Strachan – Harley Street Skin Clinic

Dr Linea integrates her extensive medical knowledge and expertise with supreme creative finesse in the art of non-surgical facial aesthetics. She specialises in the mastery of pioneering treatments and state of the art techniques to accentuate your natural beauty and splendor.

Dr Linea Strachan is an award-winning clinician that is familiar and up to date with the latest medical technologies and has a perceptive grasp of the latest looks and trends in the field of medical facial aesthetics.

Dr Linea offers the following treatments: anti-wrinkle treatments, dermal fillers (lip fillers, tear trough rejuvenation, cheek enhancement, chin augmentation, non-surgical rhinoplasty, jaw line sculpting, filler face lifts), chemical peels & thread face lifts to name but a few!

Your initial consultations can be booked at one of our clinics in London Harley street, Ipswich, Newmarket and Bury St Edmunds.

Dr Linea Strachan

Free initial consultation

Free initial consultations can be booked at our Harley Street clinic in London for skin clinic facial aesthetics treatments or Lower Brook Street in Ipswich for invisalign treatment.
Dr Linea Strachans Harley Street Skin Clinic offers the following treatments; anti wrinkle treatments, wrinkle relaxing injections, dermal fillers, lip fillers, lip augmentation, tear trough rejuvenation, cheek enhancement, filler face lifts, chemical peels & thread face life to name but a few!

She is familiar and up to date with the latest medical technologies and has a perceptive grasp of the latest looks and trends in the field of cosmetic facial aesthetics.

Initial consultations can be booked at our Harley Street clinic in London.



  • I had many treatments (treatment for wrinkles, cheek filler, under eye filler, lip filler and threads) with DR. Strachan and I wouldn’t dream of trusting anyone else! She is highly professional and also very artistic. Great and patient with her clients. The treatments were painless and the results are very natural.  Highly recommended!
    The clinic is in a great Central London location, nice and clean and welcoming!


    Indre, UK
  • I have had all the work that she provides, and I can safely say none of her procedures hurt – and the outcome is fantastic. She is professional but approachable, and explains any worries or concerns you may have. Even after all these years she is still patient with me and reassures me.
    Well done Linea for all the awards you have won and I have to thank you for making me look 10 years (and more) younger.


    Louisa Margaret Wright, UK
  • First class
    I am delighted with the results of my treatment with Dr Lina. She fully explained the treatment before starting and made me feel at ease. She clearly has the expertise and experience to do a fantastic job and I am thoroughly impressed with my treatment results. I wouldn’t hesitate to return for further treatments and will be recommending her to friends and family.


    Angela, UK
  • I have been seeing Dr Linea Strachan for around 18 months now and would never go to anyone else for facial aesthetics. I had very deep frown lines which she corrected with treatment for wrinkles, the results were truly amazing and lasted so well. I have also had lip fillers which I couldn’t be happier with. I work in the beauty industry and recommend Dr Strachan to all my clients and several of them have been to see her and are thrilled with their results.
    Dr Strachan is warm and friendly and made me feel very relaxed and confident in her knowledge and skills.


    Donna, UK
  • Today I had my second lot of lip fillers by the lovely Dr Lina , so delighted with my results as always, was very reassured as I dislike needles. Totally pain free and professional, would highly recommend to anybody ,excited to be seeing Dr Lina again for my future procedures.


    Jess, UK
  • So, it was a no-brainer really. I saw Dr Strachan in her Harley St location and following an extensive consultation I had what remains as the most pain free aesthetic procedure to date. She used the Teosyal Pen to correct my tear troughs and the result was not only pain free, but an instant result. I looked awake and refreshed straight after. There was no bruising and no down time. Her technique in using the Teosylal Pen was absolutely amazing. I could not recommend her enough!
    Dr Strachan is the ultimate professional. As I live in London she was able to see me in her Harley St location. The experience was a 10 out of 10.

    Mel, UK
  • I am a Beauty blogger and as such have access to the best practitioners in the UK. Having done some research prior to having a tear trough correction I found that Dr Linea Strachan not only has an amazing reputation, but also teaches other doctors how to perform this procedure.

    Mel, UK
  • Fantastic every time for my lip fillers! I have been going to Dr Linea for years. I recommend all my family and friends to come here. All the staff are so friendly!! Once you come here you will never want to go anywhere else!

    Debbie, UK
  • Absolutely thrilled with my new cheeks, this is the first ever facial treatment I have had and WOW. I wish I had found Dr Linea years ago…. this treatment seems to have taken years off me, I will be back without a doubt as she made me feel so at ease.
    From the moment I walked in I was made to feel at ease, I was taken through the treatment step by step and was given all the time needed…I didn’t feel rushed at all. Please be assured if you go to Dr Linea you will never look back

    Kizzy, UK
  • I have just had the thread lift which is incredible and worth every penny. The practice manager Jane explained the procedure that I was going to have and immediately put me at ease, she answered all my questions and was fantastic reassuring me throughout my thread lift. Lena was amazing and I would never go to anyone else for my cosmetic procedures as there was very little pain, she is very quick and good at making you relaxed. 

    Lou, UK
  • I had wrinkle treatment and dermal fillers with Dr. Linea Strachan. I must admit I feel very happy with the results! Thanks to Dr. Strachan flawless treatment, my face looks younger, fresher, yet still very natural. What is more important, that during the treatment I was relaxed and felt no pain.
    I would highly recommend Dr. Linea Strachan to anyone, who seeks professional and painless facial treatment.

    Ieva, UK
  • With Dr Linea you will not experience that! She puts you tatally at ease, Explains all the procedures, advices what’s best for you or what’s not necessary to have done yet. Personally, I had few treatments done including treatment for wrinkles or lip fillers. Both gave amazing results. Natural looking face, refreshed, radiating younger looking skin. I also went through non surgical face lift. Dr Linea used special threads that really worked wonders. Before I could see lines on my cheeks , due to massive weigh loss. That’s all history now thanks to dr Strachan. I’m in my early forties now but apparently looking around ten years younger. Sometimes they still ask me for ID is shops;) Thank you so much. If you still hesitate, do not think twice nor take my words for granted, go for consultation and see with your own eyes. Good luck. Excellent

    Anna, UK
  • I Have visited dr Linea several Times over last few years now. I must honestly say from first appointment I was already impressed with her skills and professional approach. As it comes with enhancement treatments it may be a bit intimidating or even scary for a patient. There is so much you hear about people who chose the wrong professional or so called professional and ended up with either wrong results or even Health issues. 


    Anna, UK



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